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The responsible use of mobile phones

Year 6 have been learning about how to use your mobile phone properly. This will help other pupils who haven`t had any experience with mobile phones.

Today, we are trying to think of different ways to show people how to stay safe on phones. Some people did posters, songs and videos. Here are some people's thoughts: 'If people are messaging you or keep calling you ignore them, block them and tell an adult.'' You should always remember that you should stay safe online and not talk to strangers.'' If you send a picture or a text message, you are no longer in control of what you have sent and it may be used against you.'' At the age of ten you may be accused of what you've said and go to jail if it's that serious.' Always think before you send a message because it will stay on there forever and affect your future life (e.g jobs that you might want or need).' Wise words indeed.



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To link into our Anti-Bullying Week, this week, we looked at 'dares'.

The children were asked to give their opinion on things such as: what is a dare? What is the difference between a challenge and a dare and who they could turn to if they felt under pressure. 
They then created a drama/scenario which depicted what they saw as a 'dare'. 

Another part of our topic was to do with bullying/hurtful behaviour. There were some interesting ways the children showed their knowledge including a puppet show and a very thoughtful and insightful poem all about bullying.