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Our visit to UCLan Sports Arena
Ultimate frisbee

Year 6 have been developing an awareness of Ultimate Frisbee

We have been learning how to throw a backhand in our PE lessons in recent weeks. The four key steps to remember are: firm finger-pointing grip, use a pivot foot to take a step, swift wrist flick and flat release. Through throwing and catching discs, Year 6 have been developing their hand-eye coordination.

We have also been developing our spatial awareness through mini invasion games. We have learnt about different ways in which we can attack or defend space. We realised that we can attack/defend space differently depending on whether we are working individually or as part of a team.

Year 6 have played together in small teams to practise some of the skills they have been developing with movement. Some of the basic rules we have chosen to use are: a player is allowed to pivot when they have the disc, a player can only have the disc for ten seconds and a player must catch the disc over a line within an end-zone (scoring area) to score.

If you want to know about what Ultimate Frisbee entails as a sport, the following website has a useful explanation:


This year in PE, Year 6 have opportunity to follow a new sports scheme, given to us to try out. 


The new Champions programme allows us to have sport based and fitness based PE lessons, with some science units, which we can link in with our humans topic in science later on in the year. 

The names of the units are:

Sport Fitness
Invaders Bootcamp

Dynamic Dance

Mighty Movers (Boxercise)
Gym Sequences Step to the Beat
Active Adventure Gym Circuits
Young Olympians Cool Core
Nimble Nets Multi-fitness


Along with our other planned PE lessons, we will try to fit in as many different units, from this, as we can so that Year 6 can have a taster of some of the new fitness units.


So far we have touched briefly on the Invaders unit. This involves a lot of tag rugby based games, looking at ball handling, marking and intercepting and organising of teams when in a game situation. 


We will keep you up to date with regards to what units we have been able to cover, with some photos along the way too.