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This year in PE, Year 6 have opportunity to follow a new sports scheme, given to us to try out. 


The new Champions programme allows us to have sport based and fitness based PE lessons, with some science units, which we can link in with our humans topic in science later on in the year. 

The names of the units are:

Sport Fitness
Invaders Bootcamp

Dynamic Dance

Mighty Movers (Boxercise)
Gym Sequences Step to the Beat
Active Adventure Gym Circuits
Young Olympians Cool Core
Nimble Nets Multi-fitness


Along with our other planned PE lessons, we will try to fit in as many different units, from this, as we can so that Year 6 can have a taster of some of the new fitness units.


So far we have touched briefly on the Invaders unit. This involves a lot of tag rugby based games, looking at ball handling, marking and intercepting and organising of teams when in a game situation. 


We will keep you up to date with regards to what units we have been able to cover, with some photos along the way too. 

UCLAN students put Y6 through their paces!

In basketball this week, the skills centred around defense. Children were asked to think about tactics already learnt as well as new learning such as 'shooting relays'.

These types of skills will lead on to our final week which will be competitive games.  

In PE we decided to have a go at street dancing.

We started off looking at videos of the types of moves involved with this type of movement; trying them out to see what could be achieved.

We then split into groups and tried to come up with a series of moves that incorporated the style of street dance with our own interpretations. It was great fun!

" We loved having the choice of what dance moves we could do and the music had a great beat to it!"

"You could have fun and put your own dance moves to great music!"

" It was something a bit different!"
"You could share your own ideas with your group."

Clearly, it was enjoyed by all. 

Hopefully, we will continue with this and try to complete a whole routine.