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Leading in Teams

"We planned and created a PPT presentation to teach the rest of the class about the Call of Abraham. We were trying to teach everyone about trusting in God and not being led astray."
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"We chose to improve the wildlife area of the school. We thought it looked tired so we needed to pull up the weeds, get rid of the sticks and dig up the mud in the big mound so that we could plant some flowers."
Picture 1 Weeding the path
Picture 2 Making the soil soft and ready for flowers
Picture 3 Planted trees around the perimeter fence
"We chose to make our maps of the countries we were investigating more exciting than paper ones. We went outside and made them with sticks, ribbons and chalk. We had to label mountains, rivers, seas and any other features we wanted".
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We often work in teams, each with a designated role, to complete research tasks. This is exactly what happens in big companies, we then feed back our findings and research to other members in our group, this helps to strength our speaking and listening skills.
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