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Fashion through the ages

Fashion through the ages 1 We appraised other artist's work
Fashion through the ages 2 We had a go on our own with watercolour
Fashion through the ages 3 We mixed colours our own way.
Fashion through the ages 4 We started to create mood boards
Fashion through the ages 5 We started to create mood boards

Although we have worked collaboratively to research, we have pulled apart to work on our own to create our own designs. Through this process we have explored colour, shape and existing products and have come up with a design unique to us!


"I always enjoy to work on my own because it helps me to develop my own ideas and I know that when I do things it is all my own work and I can be proud of myself. Working on your own makes you feel capable and positive about yourself. I always put in more effort too because I want to do my best." - Paavan.

Greek Mosaics

Greek Mosaics 1
Greek Mosaics 2
Greek Mosaics 3
Greek Mosaics 4
We used real tile cutters, adhesive and grout to make our mosaics. "It was fun!". 

Potty about planting!

Potty about planting! 1
Potty about planting! 2
Potty about planting! 3
Potty about planting! 4
We needed to choose the correct equipment for planting herbs, digging holes for our trees and turning over the soil. Each job required different tools. 

The BIG questions

The BIG questions 1

We created BIG questions in Religious Education that we are going to follow up, research and answer by our self.

What questions do you have about Christianity?