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ICT Databases

To conclude our ICT topic, we collated our results from the questionnaires using a spreadsheet on Excel. We created a single sheet spreadsheet, and some of us created a graph of our results using Word.  
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We started to create our questionnaires which we could use to build our own database about year 4.  We looked at the IT programme which we could use to design our own database, and began to try out the different options to familiarise ourselves.

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Today we have started our new ICT topic - learning all about Databases.


As this is a new area of ICT for nearly all of us, we began by discussing how databases are a way of keeping information in order, dependent upon certain criteria. We played agame where we had to sort ourselves into different groups depending on our age, eye colour and hair colour.  We looked at the popular children's game 'Top Trumps', where it uses different information about the same subject.  We made our own top trump cards, designing Minions, and we will be having a whole class game of Top trumps next Monday! We can wait!