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How do Christians prepare for Christmas?

Advent is the season where Christians prepare for the coming of Jesus. Some people in the bible predicted that Jesus would be born. They did this many years before his birth and they were called prophets. But who were the prophets and what did they do?

During Advent Christians prepare in a variety of different ways. We did the same in class. Each day we had a different question to answer. Take a look at some of the questions and our responses.

Some of the areas we covered included: 

John the Baptist


Advent wreath

The coming of the messiah again

Different faiths and their thoughts on the messiah


Can you match our work to the relevant question?


The questions were:

How did the words and actions of Jesus fulfil the Old Testament?

Was Jesus the messiah?

Who was John the Baptist?

How do we prepare for the arrival of someone special today?

During advent, how might Christians show repentance and prepare their hearts for the coming of Jesus?

Why is Mary important?

Draw a comic showing the conversation between Mary and Gabrielle.

Write a diary entry from the view point of Mary, describing the most memorable day of Jesus’ upbringing.

What question would you like to ask Mary?

Think of another season in the church year and describe the similarities and differences with advent


Why is the liturgical colour of advent purple? How does this link to lent?

What colour would you choose for advent? Why?

Describe what each element of the advent wreath symbolises. Explain why your wreath is better than Clive’s.

John was committed and focussed on God. Who in the modern world could you compare him to?

What values can we learn from John?

Compare how different Christian denominations view Mary. Use a Venn diagram.

Research!!!! Do all Christian denominations observe advent? What are the differences?

Write an advent prayer and explain why you chose to pray for these things.

What might your local church pray for during advent?

What will happen when the messiah returns? Paint a picture to demonstrate it.

If John were here today what would he be calling for people to repent for? Complete the speech Bubble.

Advent is a season of hope. What do you hope for in the future? Why?

Explain the impact that advent has on the lives of Christians and their communities.