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History Ancient Greece

Our History topic this half term is all about Ancient Greece.  We have started to research about what the Greeks have left behind, the Greek alphabet and also, the architecture.  Today we have been learning the alphabet, writing our names in Greek and also, designing pictures for the wall with items found in the classroom.  All with Greek names!!


We will be moving onto looking at the buildings and how Greek architecture has influenced our buildings today.  We have been learning about the different orders and columns; in particular the Doric order, the Ionic order and the more ornate Corinthian order.  Tomorrow we will be designing our own columns using ideas from todays' lesson.


In today's lesson we have been learning about what life was like in two of the most powerful city states in Greece during ancient times - Atlanta and Sparta.  We listened to a video clip about how hard life was for Spartan women, and how they were treated differently to the men who were thought of as strong and brave warriors.

Our Big Write next week is to write a letter to home as a Spartan or Atlantan, and explain how our lives are. We began to research the two city states and how they ruled their people.

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