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Stone Age to the Iron Age


This week Year 6 have been learning about the Prehistoric era from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

We began the week by thinking about what we would need survive if we were living in the Stone Age. We decided we would need food, shelter, water and tools to help with daily life activities. Year 6 planned, created and presented a television advert for a new bow and arrow in small groups.


We discussed the development of shelters. Year 6 learnt that people lived in rock caves or huts made of wood or covered in animal skins in the Stone Age. In the Bronze Age, people began settling and built roundhouses, which had a pole in the middle to hold up the roof. Finally, in the Iron Age people tended to live in roundhouses. However, some of them were more rectangular than they had been in the past. They were also gathered in communities called ‘Hillforts’. Year 6 created their own fact-file about a Hillfort for either Maiden Castle or Danebury. Later in the week, Year 6 enjoyed building their own shelters in small groups using natural resources and a couple of extra resources from home.

After realising that people in the Stone Age were known for being hunter-gatherers, Year 6 decided to have a go at foraging in the school grounds. We learnt that people from the Stone Age ate a variety of foods. Some of these include: berries, nuts, eggs, insects, nettles, seafood, mammoths, horses, deer, hares, hyenas and rhinos. We then created our own traditional Stone Age menus and recipes.