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Our trip to Kidzania in London

Our trip to Kidzania in London 1
Our trip to Kidzania in London 2
Our trip to Kidzania in London 3
Our trip to Kidzania in London 4
Our trip to Kidzania in London 5
Our trip to Kidzania in London 6
Our trip to Kidzania in London 7
Our trip to Kidzania in London 8

We had a fantastic day at Kidzania in London. We had the opportunity to explore a variety of occupations that we may experience when we are older. We now understand what is truly involved with some jobs and we found out about some jobs which we didn't even know existed. 


"I didn't know that being a journalist was an option for a job. I enjoyed being given a task to research and having to go off around the city finding the answers before coming back to the office to type up my newspaper. It was such a fantastic day!" - Sophie

Examining Artefacts

Examining Artefacts 1 Looking at the drawings on a vase
Examining Artefacts 2 A wine cooler
Examining Artefacts 3 Delicate dolls
Examining Artefacts 4 Delicate dolls

We examined various different artefacts to see what their features were. We needed to decide what they were used for and made from. We then had to compare them to modern day equivalents. 


"I chose the wine cooler because I did not recognise it as something that we used today and that made me really interested to learn about it." - Archie.




Gymnastics 1
Gymnastics 2
In gymnastics, we explored our own body's capabilities and various ways to create balances with a partner. WE discussed symmetry, asymmetry, parts of our body to use as the base for a balance and how to support each other. 

Investigating Flowers

Investigating Flowers 1 Finding the ovaries
Investigating Flowers 2 Observing the stamen
Investigating Flowers 3 Getting out the cells that will become new flowers

"I have learnt that there are different parts to a flower which we can not see because they are inside. I know what they do and how they make new flowers. Although flowers look different they all have the same life cycle." - Hamza.