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Confidence & Self-belief

Our feel good song

We decided to sing this song to show that we all feel different but we all have our own special things to celebrate. This song makes us feel proud of ourselves!

In year 5 we celebrate our class achievements and our successes outside of school. We feel able to bring in things to class and show our friends. We can also display these on our WOW board in the classroom. We have medals on it and photos, trophies and certificates. We know that we are fabulous in our own way. 



"The photos show us growing and planting. We know what seeds need."

Picture 1 Planting beans
Picture 2 Getting potatoes ready
Picture 3 Making vines for beans to grip to
Picture 4 Nicely spaced out
Picture 5 Our seeds need water

We are confident to dress up as our favourite book character for World Book Day. We had characters from fairy tales and newer stories too; Little Red Riding Hood, Tracy Beaker, Harry Potter, Frodo from The Hobbit, Ash the Pokemon Trainer, Alice in Wonderland and Thing1 from Cat in the Hat. 


"I chose Little Red Riding Hood because it's my favourite fairy tale and the first one I learnt." Dayna


"I chose Cruella De'ville because it stood out from all the other costumes. I really like her in the story 101 Dalmations because she is evil." Taichah


"I chose Gangsta Granny because it's a really funny book and I think I am like the character myself because I like the Queen's crown too." Arissa


Picture 1
In PSHE, we role-played scenarios that helped us grasp the impact of our behaviours online or via social media. We know realise that once online, our images stay there forever and we are happy to talk about our own experiences and offer advice to our peers. 
Picture 1 Role-playing dealing with strange friend requests
Picture 2 Role-playing dealing with strange friend requests
Picture 3 Knowing that you can access Child-line
Picture 4 An interview about staying safe online