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Following on from last weeks' class worship, we began to think about how our parents look after us, and why do we refer to 'God' as 'Our Father'.

The children discussed the different ways in which their parents help them, and we compiled our ideas together.  Each child decorated a cross with the relevant words as to why we refer to 'God, Our Father', and we displayed them on our reflection wall.


Our class worship today focused on the Trinity and what the word means to us.  We discussed things that have 3 things, ie triangle, tripod and talked together about the way in which we often refer to God.  The children had been learning about the Trinity in RE, so were able to tell me about this.


Mrs Hodson described how she was a Mother, daughter and a sister, yet was just 1 person.  The children looked at how an apple looks when you cut it in half to explain this further,


The skin is like 'God, the Father', he is there to protect us from harm.

The apple flesh is like 'God, the son', he is there in Jesus.

The core and pips are like 'God, the holy spirit', he is there to help us grow.

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In our class worship today, we began by listening to the words in the song 'Alive' by Hillsong Kids, and began to join in the melody.  The children asked if this song could become our song to begin our worship each week, as it gave us chance to come together and join in.


We began by talking about how we put our trust in God, especially when times are difficult.  Our bible story for this week was how Mary had to put her trust in God, when she received a very special message from an angel. We watched a short video clip about Mary receiving the message and then speaking to her sister, Elizabeth and realising she had to put her trust in God.


The children gave their own opinions on times when this might happen in their own lives.

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We ended our worship by writing our own prayers thanking God for times when we have put our trust in him.
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In class worship today, we continued with our theme of 'Putting our trust in God' and how we should think about putting him first in our lives.


We listened to the story of Jairus and his daughter, and how he had to really trust Jesus at a time when he felt anxious and scared.  We thought about times when we had felt anxious and scared, and how God helped us.


The children considered who Jairus was, and they were able to tell me, that even though Jairus wasn't always a follower of Jesus, he was still willing to come forward and help his daughter. The children recorded their thoughts in our worship book.

We finished our class worship with some prayers the children had found in a prayer book, and we listened to a song by Hillsong Kids called 'Alive'  The song tells us how God lives within us, and is always there for us no matter what.

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Today we have been talking about the importance of putting things in the right order, and understanding what should come first in our everyday lives.


We looked at how we should always put our socks on before our shoes, and how we should put batteries in a torch before we use it.  Without doing these things in the right order, our lives would be difficult, and wouldn't always go to plan.


By putting God first in our lives, we talked about how he would be there to help us and guide us, especially when times are hard.  The children wrote their own responses to how their lives would be affected if they didn't always put God first.


They also, considered how their lives would be different if they put God first, and how he would always be there to help and support us.  God would want us to trust him to help and guide us.

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