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Broughton High School Cooking

Over the last three weeks Year 4 have walked to Broughton High School to learn about being healthy and have been given the opportunity to make dishes and take them home. The children have also had tasting and identification sessions. 

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During week two we made bread. At first we got to taste bread and then match the bread to its country of origin. After that we then used our senses to feel, smell and taste different herbs that had been grown in the school garden. Our bread had an unusual ingredient as well (Potato). We made the dough and then rolled it out into sphere shapes and then added lots of different herbs.
Week Three- this was our treat week and today we made shortbread biscuits. These were special because they were made with reduced fat butter and sugar. We also go to ice special buns to celebrate the 'World Cup'. Mrs Newton explained that treats are good to have as long as they are not too often and that in order to be healthy we should eat lots of fruit and vegetables and make sure that we exercise.